Monday, 18 April 2016

Hunters Group, Lockwood - New Health and Safety concerns raised

Newsome Green Party Councillor  Andrew Cooper has raised new concerns about the health and safety practices of the Waste  Management Company - Hunters Group who are based at Queens Mill Road, Lockwood,

"Fencing and a wall around the Hunters Group site have been removed by Hunters Group to allow access to different parts of the site by a large tracked vehicle. This leaves their operation insecure and accessible to children. It appears that these boundaries have been taken down so the vehicle can move waste around within their site. To do this Hunters Group have allowed this vehicle to churn up the land around the Public Footpath linking Queens Mill Road with Lockwood Scar. I have witnessed myself the vehicle using Public Footpath on Friday last week."

"I have raised this matter with  Kirklees Officers who are already taking action in conjunction with the Environment Agency regarding noxious smells and noise nuisance coming from their premises. This causing ongoing misery to householders at Wood Terrace above their site. The issue has also beeen raised with teh haelth and Safety Executive."

Friday, 15 April 2016

Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett to join Health protestors at Stadium Public Meeting on Monday

Cllr Andrew Cooper with Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett
Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett will be joining protestors from the Hands Off HRI campaign in the key Public Meeting organised by the Joint Clinical Commissioning Groups at the John Smith’s Stadium on Monday evening. The meeting with focus on proposals to abolish Accident and Emergency and Acute services at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary

Green Party Councillor Andrew Cooper who invited Natalie said,

“We need to get all Political leaders to back the campaign to save Accident and Emergency Services at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. I’ve seen support expressed on social media from the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn and Lib Dem Leader  Tim Farron.  All we need now is for Conservative Party Leader David Cameron to back the campaign and we are ‘home and dry’!”

Natalie Bennett said

“ It is inconceivable that a large town the size of Huddersfield should be left without its own Accident and Emergency Department. This is part of a picture of underfunding of the NHS that I am seeing up and down the country. I am pleased to lend my support to this inspirational community-led campaign.”

Natalie will be gathering with protestors at St Georges Square from 5.00pm and then head down to the Stadium

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Newsome Bowlers call for a wealthy backer to resolve Bowling Dispute

Members of Newsome Community Sports and Bowling Club have made a call for a partnership with a wealthy backer to resolve the ongoing dispute over the Newsome Bowling Green that has been used by the Club for 110 years.

Currently the Bowling Club, along with Newsome Working Mens Club, is the responsibility of the Liquidators, Begbies Trainor Ltd, with Stuart Smith having a short term lease with an option to purchase which has not been taken  up. The Bowling Green is being marketed for sale as a package with the former Newsome Working Mens Club/Newsome Tap by the Liquidator and their Estate Agent, Walker Singleton. They will not sell the Bowling Green with Buildings seperately from the former Working Mens Club.

Jacqui Sullivan on behalf of Newsome Community Sports and Bowling Club said,

“ There is a window of opportunity to make an offer to the Liquidators for both the Working Mens Club (which has planning permission to convert to a 5 bedroom house) and the Bowling Green and its associated buildings (which has a legal covenant which says it can only be used as a Bowling Green).  The Working Mens Club and Bowling Green has been marketed for a figure of £250k. The Members of the Bowling Club would be keen to come to an arrangement with anyone wishing to work with them to secure the future of the Bowling Green and to take advantage of the opportunity of owning the former Working Mens Club as a residential property/investment.”

Councillor Andrew Cooper said

This is a real opportunity for someone with the necessary means to back the Newsome Bowlers and help us make an offer to the Liquidators. They just want to have the simple pleasure of playing bowls on the same piece of land they have for the last 110 years. Somebody out there could back the community and show that it isn’t always those who push people around who come out on top. I believe that business and people with means are not all like the leaseholder of Newsome Working Mens Club and  I am keen to talk to anyone who wants to help us reach a happy resolution to this saga. “

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The signs are good! (now)

  Green Councillor Andrew Cooper has done a 'spring clean' of the 'Welcome' signs in 2 parts of the Newsome Ward.

"The Welcome signs to Newsome and Berry Brow weren't particularly welcoming and covered with muck and green sap from nearby trees." said Councillor Cooper. "One approach would have been to ring Kirklees with a low priority request which may have got done a few weeks down the line with possibly a few reminder phone calls. It was much easier to get a bucket of warm soapy water and a step ladder and just do it. We've done this before with other signs around the area but these 2 had got really dirty. I'd encourage anyone who sees simple things in their area that will just take a few minutes to sort out to have a go. A lot of people do already and I often speak to people who pick up litter on their bit of street who make a tangible difference to their local community."

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Green Councillor calls for John Stadium stands to be available for HRI Public Meeting

 Green Party Councillor Andrew Cooper has called for the John Smith Stadium stands to be made available for the HRI Public  on Monday 18th April.

Councillor Andrew Cooper said,

“The Calderdale and Huddersfield CCGs have completely misjudged the concerns of local people so far. At the Pre Consultation Event at Briar Court Hotel the hall could have been filled twice over. That should not happen again. There is a lot of interest in the Public Meeting at the John Smiths Stadium on Monday 18th April and they should be planning for a big crowd. I don’t believe we are just talking about a few hundred people attending. I think we are most likely talking thousands. If they hold another event where people are left outside an unable to participate it is further evidence that they are out of touch with public opinion. There should at the very least be a contingency plan to make the stadium stands available for the event. This holds 24’500 people and should be adequate.”

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Meet Councillor Robert Barraclough Green Party Candidate for Kirkburton Ward

Tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m a retired dairy farmer, and have been married to Maureen for 42 years. We have two grown up children and one new grandson. I have been Chairman of the local NFU Branch and served on the NFU County Executive including through the Foot and Mouth crisis. I am passionate about promoting locally produced food and have managed projects to promote it across the region. I have served on Kirkburton Parish Council for Farnley Tyas, Thurstonland and Stocksmoor Ward since 2007, have been re-elected twice. I was elected as Parish Chairman for the 2010/11 Municipal year.

How long have you lived in the area?

I have lived and worked in Farnley Tyas all my life, and was, until my retirement from farming, a third generation farmer in the village. My grandfather first moved into the village to become landlord of the “Golden Cock” public house, moving away, to return in the 1930’s to take on Beech Farm. My father succeeded him and took on the tenancy until his death in 1981. I then took on the farm at 32 years of age and ran a successful dairy and mixed farm until 2003.

Why the Green Party?
I’ve always worked close to nature being a farmer and I have watched the seasons and weather patterns change. I feel that the Green Party starts from a different place and isn’t left, right or even centre. There are people who wrongly see the Green Party as ‘sandal wearers’ or politicians who would take us to living back in caves. I certainly don’t fit that stereotype! I’ve seen that Greens can work successfully alongside business and innovators on practical and worthwhile ventures that make the world a better place.

How did you feel when you were first elected as a Councillor in 2011?

Bemused! I’d worked alongside local Councils and been a Parish Cllr for 5 years but it was a big step up and a steep learning curve at first on Kirklees. However I quickly got up to speed with how you make things work on Kirklees and what is and what is not possible. I’m not afraid of hard work and I enjoy a challenge so it has been and continues to be, a rewarding and enjoyable journey.

What is your proudest acheivement in your time as a Kirklees Councillor?

Getting the trust of local residents across a wide range of political persuasions and widely differing backgrounds. I know a lot of my personal support doesn’t come from people who traditionally vote Green but people who know I will try my best and give a straight answer to a straight question.

Kirklees , like many Councils, is in a difficult financial position what can you do to help?

 Having been self-employed for almost all my working life I know the value of a Pound and I am acutely aware of the need to get best value whilst protecting essential services. I can work constructively with Councillors from all political parties and council officers to try and limit the damage resulting from cuts and communicate these changes to residents in a politically unbiased way.

What do you think people want from the person they elect as their local Councillor?

First and foremost people want their local Councillor to be honest and approachable. They want someone who has an ability to get things done but to be realistic about what can be achieved. People don’t want politicians to make false promises and not to play party political games that insult peoples intelligence.

What difference does a Green Party Councillor make?

I don’t feel I am constrained by a national political agenda, nor am I asked to tow the party line. We have a small, but influential, group of Councillors who are committed to working locally to protect local services in a time of government cuts. We try to think ‘outside the box’ and to innovatively solve problems. The easy thing to do is just to oppose all cuts and not offer any real solutions but Greens are prepared to work across all political groups and engage with whoever is running the Council at the time. If you don’t take this approach you can find yourself in a powerless position and just shouting from the sidelines.
When you aren’t working in the community or attending Council meetings how do you relax.

I’ve still got my tractors and some equipment and it’s a real pleasure to get out ploughing and driving for one of my fellow farmers during the Summer months. I’ve always read a lot and in any spare time and lately taken to political autobiographies of ‘all political flavours’. I walk for exercise and Maureen and I have a list of local Ward walks so we regularly walk the villages in the Ward